Kamen Visoka doo – eksploatacija prirodnog kamena andezita

Bring the beauty of processed granite to your interior and exterior.

Sawn and stocked granite slabs, stone facades, stone floors, hammered cut granite, stone cubes, stone treads, broken and split stone, stone curbs, massive stone elements ...

Natural stone is a natural beauty, simple and timeless.
We are experts in the processing of granite, but also marble, which is used for the production of floor coverings, wall coverings, treads for residential, business, and hotel environments, street curbs, as well as solid granite elements.

If you are looking for unique and original solutions, research our work and contact us to shape your ideas. 

Quarry Visoka, Rudnik

Production from natural granite

Granite processing

We process granite with the intention of bringing all its extraordinary beauty to the light of day

Granite products

Indoors, outdoors, on the facades of houses or treads. Our granite creates a sustainable aesthetic quality, wherever it is used.

We have complete mechanization

Fully functional production
Cepani kamen

Cleaved Granite

Stone processing: a miracle of simplicity.
Aesthetic purity of interior and exterior design.

Kameni ivičnjaci

Split granite

We choose and process the most precious granite for you. We are experts in the selection of natural granite and high quality production.

Prirodni kamen

Broken granite

Granite of irregular shape, different thicknesses. Ideal for fortifications of riverbeds, embankments, river banks.


Granite surface treatment

Different surface treatments make one stone different in decorative and functional sense. Granite is surface treated to get rusticity, roughness and naturalness.

Production range

WE ONLY OFFER TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS, because Our selection of natural granite is widely recognized

Granite slabs with surface treatment

We produce cut granite slabs in free dimensions. They are formed by cutting granite blocks. After cutting, the boards are surface treated by burning, stocking, or brushing. Further processing and custom cutting results in finished products such as floor or facade panels, treads …
The selection of granite for the production of boards is done entirely in our company. We produce granite slabs by selecting from our quarry Visoka Rudnik. In this way we ensure the highest quality.

Cleaved Granite

Since granite is extremely sustainable, both from an environmental and quality perspective, it is perfectly suitable for outdoor use. We perform processing by cutting granite for curbs, massive granite elements, pedestals as well as cutting granite for tombstones

Natural split granite

Split granite is ideal for use in both traditional and modern applications, such as paths, driveways, edges, facades, and even terraces. By combining well, it is possible to build something truly stunning. Sets of split granite are ideal for both residential and business premises.

Natural split granites are pieces of stone granite that come hewn from granite rock.
It gives charm and provides a characteristic rustic look. 

Broken granite and marble

There is no stone waste! A lot is taken from nature. But everything that is hers and cannot be used in the final product, should be returned to nature because it will have the best purpose there.
Broken granite is ideal for the embankment of banks, fortifications of riverbeds, embankments. 


We are a company that has a creative approach in the field of exploitation, processing, and sale of granite. We have been growing and evolving since we entered the market. We have big plans and we are not ashamed to invite you to cooperate.
Did you know that we are capable of extracting an exploitation block of 100m 3 or 260 tons from the quarry !!! Our commercial blocks are of 25 tons and more. In 2020, we exploited over 5500m 3 stones.

Andesite stone radioactivity test report


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